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“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult” Melinda Gates


It seems most of us go through the early stages of life without any real purpose or calling, other than learning from our mistakes, building the basics of life, and possibly even figuring out little by little how to be happy. 


Then there are the few that were born with an intense, God-given talent and vision. 


Capturing other people’s attention with her voice from a young age, Chandiss was one of those individuals. From placing second in a song writer’s expo at 12 years old, singing lead in bands at 14, all the way to having her own original songs featured on shows on MTV when she was still a teen, her voice found a way into the hearts of many. 


From the outside looking in, it would appear Chandiss discovered her gift, and her voice, early on in life. But it wasn’t until working through the hardships she faced also from a young age on, was she able to share her soul, and therefore her real voice with the world. 


Now, connected and completely aligned with her gift, her career has exploded. You can catch her headlining her own show on the world famous Fremont Street Experience plus performing many styles of music all over Las Vegas. She is currently writing her 3rd album, and you can bet that this one will not only capture hearts the world over, but will also speak to your soul.

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